A felony drug raid on a home just outside of The Village Of Fort Edward is being considered a success.

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The raid was conducted by The Washington County Sheriff’s Department on Friday. During the raid, authorities found a suspect with some crack cocaine and is believed that he had intended to sell it. The suspect is 40-year-old Suleiman M. ‘Africa’ Badmaxx from Albany.

Authorities arrested Badmaxx. After his arraignment, he was remanded to The Washington County Jail without bail. He was charged with Criminal Possession Of A Criminal Substance in the third degree.

According to the article in The Post Star, Badmaxx allegedly has been in trouble with the law in the past. There were two previous convictions, which were both felonies, and because of that, he was sent to jail without bail. One of those felonies happened back in 2006 in Fort Edward.