What a way to cap off a great weekend of racing! The Daytona 500 was pure excitement! A Record 16 Cautions, one due to a big crash that i knew would happen that involved some big names including Jimmie Johnson and Jeff Gordon. The cars were dropping like flies!! Blown engines, blown tires, it got crazy!

But when it was all said and done, a Rookie, 20 year old Trevor Bayne in his second Sprint Cup Series race ever wins "The Great American Race".  I am a Dale Earnhardt Jr. fan but toward the end he got caught up in a crash that wasn't his fault. So I said, that does it, I'm rooting for the kid! It was fun to hear him on his radio. "ARE YOU KIDDING ME?" and "I DON"T KNOW WHERE TO GO" when he was trying to find victory circle! Congrats to the kid! I think we have a star in the making!