Florida Georgia Line will perform at the Daytona 500!That’s right country and NASCAR fans get your tickets! Florida Georgia Line will perform the pre-show at the 58th annual Daytona 500 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series race on Sunday, Feb. 21, 2016.

I know I have talked about the race before, we usually head to Florida to see it each February. The pre-show in the Fanzone is amazing! It’s not too crowded if you are in the infield and the sound is great if you are in the stands in your seats! Everyone there is going to get a great show this year!

You can add the Fanzone and /or VIP access for $110. For a race ticket and Fanzone pass it will be $235. These go on sale September 28th!

Sean McMaster

Now, I know you’re thinking wow, $110 for a quick concert? Remember, the Fanzone gives you complete infield access. That includes viewing the drivers and cars in the garage as the last minute touches happen before the race. Driver introductions up close and personal. There is a stage with interviews taking place and there is even a bar! So, its an experience to add the fanzone to your seat. And now with Florida Georgia Line coming in…it’s going to be an even better experience!

If you don’t have the Fanzone tickets yet, hurry, these tickets that will give you infield access to the concert usually sell out! But again if you have a ticket – there really isn’t a bad seat to enjoy the show.

Sean McMaster

I hope you enjoyed my Fanzone pics!