The Travers Stakes is the highlight of the Saratoga Racing season!  While many people will place their bets based on stats and picks from the professionals, some of us just go by the craziest or most creative names of the actual horse.

I thought it would be fun to reveal the top 10 creative names of horses that have won the Travers Stakes in previous years.  In no particular order, here are some horse names that I probably would have bet on, if I were around the year they won the Travers Stakes.

Lemon Drop Kid (pictured above) 1999

Honest Pleasure 1976

Key To The Mind 1973

Buckpasser 1966

Gold Foam 1935

Omar Khayyam 1917

Henry of Navarre 1894

Duke Of Magenta 1878

Rensselaer 1897

Lady Rotha 1915