I recently posted Billboard's Top 20 Country Songs of 2012. After looking over the list, I realized that one of the songs I thought was one of the biggest hits of the year, was only at No. 41.

'Pontoon' by Little Big Town only clocked in at No. 41 on Billboard's end of the year survey. Since the year end list is based on radio airplay, one can only assume the single would have placed much higher if sales and downloads were included, as they do with other lists.

On the 2012 year end list, the calculations were made on airplay alone (How long a song charted, how many times it was played, and where it peaked). Maybe since 'Pontoon' was considered a 'summer' song, it's airplay credits diminished quickly after Labor Day, giving other singles more spins. Whatever the reason, I'd like to give an honorable mention to Little Big Town's 'Pontoon,' as one of the best Country Singles of 2012- after all, it did win the 2012 CMA Award for Single of the Year.

Other Honorable Mentions that charted below 40 for the year include:

Red Solo Cup by Toby Keith - NO. 53 (Maybe because it was such a 'novelty' song?)

The Wind by Zac Brown Band - NO. 60 (Considered too Country?)

Creepin' by Eric Church - NO. 63 (Seemed like people loved this or hated it, I loved it!)

Cruise by Florida-George Line- NO. 65 (Maybe if it was released earlier in the year it would have gotten a little higher with more radio play?)

So You Don't Have To Love Me Anymore by Alan Jackson- NO. 85 (Is it because he's over the age of 50 that he's having trouble getting Top 10 records? This was an incredible performance worthy of a Grammy!)

What are your thoughts on these songs?