If there was one moment at the 2012 CMA awards that really made me smile, it was watching Little Big Town get their long overdue recognition from the CMA.

I have watched this band rise to the top with a very slow steady climb with many bumps along the road. After officially forming the quartet in 1999, they were signed and dropped by a couple of major record labels before finding a home at Clint Black's Equity Records. There it finally seemed like the group was headed places with the release of 'Boondocks' and 'Bring It On Home' in 2006.

As the decade was beginning to wind down, the group switched to Capitol Records and it seemed like their career had peaked with little or no airplay on single after single. Finally, with their fifth studio album, in 2012, Little Big Town was about to shake things up with a fun summer smash called 'Pontoon.' As it soared up the charts, Little Big Town finally earned their first No. 1 record and people were finally paying more attention to this talented vocal group.

I actually had the chance to see Little Big Town open up for Rascal Flatts on the 'Changed' tour this past summer, and I really grew to appreciate their sound, chemistry, and talents- most impressively the harmonies and how each member took turns at lead vocals.  I knew this group should be bigger than they were.

It took 13 years for Little Big Town to get their first No.1 and win a CMA award (for Vocal Group and Single) now let's hope their star continues to shine and encourages other struggling musicians to hang on and keep singing your song.