I would like to take a moment to give props to Alan Jackson and The Zac Brown Band for being creative and brave by offering Country Radio two really good songs this year.  Sadly, neither one made the Top 10.

First, Alan Jackson delivered a traditional sad country song with 'So You Don't Have To Love Me Anymore,' which peaked at a modest No. 25. Then, The Zac Brown Band showed off their versatility with a Country-Bluegrass sounding record called 'The Wind,' which stalled at No. 11.

I realize not every song is going to be a 'hit,' but I really enjoyed both of these singles.  Of course, there are many factors that play into an artist having a hit, but I guess these two songs were just a little too much out of the 'mainstream.' Ironically, Zac and Alan did have a No. 1 duet together with 'As She's Walking Away' in 2010.

Do you think these songs should have been bigger hits? Why do you think they were not embraced by Country Radio? Please leave your comments below. Anyway, I just wanted to thank The Zac Brown Band and Alan Jackson for taking the chance to release something a little 'different,' but really GOOD!  Maybe they'll end up with Grammy nominations?