It's said that the track is "the August place to be." I agree! Here are my top-5 reasons you should go to opening day on Friday!

5: Tradition: according to Wikipedia, the track opened in 1863 and is the third oldest racetrack in the US.  It's often considered to be the oldest sporting venue of any kind in the country. WOW!  So, head over for the history of it!

4: Skip Work: Who doesn't want a day off? I know I do! So pack a cooler and chair and spend the day NOT working!

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3: Perfect Weather: It's going to be sunny and 77 degrees! That is perfect weather to enjoy a day of history, a day not at work and catching some sunshine while watching the horses!

2: Win Money: You never could win hundreds.  I mean, I know you could lose it too...but again, you never know!

1: I am going to be there! That's right I will be there so you can enjoy the history and tradition of the track, enjoy the beautiful day, possible win some money and watch The Sean, Richie & Bethany Show LIVE from the track.  We will be there 11 a.m. - 2 p.m.!

There you have it.  Top-5 reasons I should see you at the SPAAAAAAAAAAA!