Beaches Turk & Caicos is AMAZING!  It’s only been a couple of days, but here are my top-3 moments…. so far!

Let me start by giving you a lay of the land here at Beaches Turks & Caicos. The property is divided by villages: Italian, Carribean, Key West and French. I am in the French Village.  It’s so beautiful, just walking around with palm trees all around you (and the occasional little cute gecko), the sun shining down (all the time) and temperature is 70s at night and 80s all day! Heaven!

This is the view from your balcony in the French Village: that’s the pool just beyond the awesome over-sized chess board! Gorgeous, right?

Sean McMaster


So, here goes my top-3 reasons you need to vacation here at Beaches Turks & Caicos:

3. The Ocean

This is clearly the most amazing sight. From the color to the temperature to the white powder sand! I loved everything about it! How about that turquoise color? Breath-taking and so clear you see right to the bottom! And it’s calm, you can swim out and just rest, floating around taking in the boats in the background. Peaceful! The water is not that deep either, so the kids can go out and swim almost like they are in a pool! The sand—seriously just like powder. It doesn’t get too hot to burn your feet, it’s literally soft and perfect!  Beaches also offers beach fun too! We saw a couple paying frisbee with plastic cans on a post. Trying to knock the cans off! So fun! And of course there is para-sailing and tubing! I want to get to the beach now!

Sean McMaster

2. Games, Games & More Games

There is seriously never a dull moment here! There is something to do around every corner. Bethany and I found this oversized chess board! How cool is that! These are positioned throughout the complex, so you can play anywhere at Beaches! It was so much fun and the kids really love playing chess with these big pieces! I have seen so many dads playing with their kids and I have even seen brothers and sisters getting along and playing too—now, that’s a vacation miracle! There is also an “Activity Hut” offering board games and books and more! You can have an awesome family night in playing games or playing them poolside at night! I want to grab "Battleship" for tonight!

Sean McMaster

1. Water FUN

Wait until you hit the pools here at Beaches Turks & Caicos!  There is a pool around every corner and they are so beautiful and the temperature is perfection! You can grab a Beaches raft and literally float in the pools all day! We also saw some kids tossing a ball in the pool as well! Everyone is loving the pools. And there are so many pool chairs, you will never be fighting for one! It’s so nice! Then, I found my calling: I mean I was totally doing the research for when I take Caden here. There is this really cool water section for the little kids too, well, I mean I walked through it too.  But, anyway, it's so cool because the kids can just walk around as the water hits them.

Sean McMaster

WATER SLIDES! Wow, they were so much fun! And I proved that kids of all ages will love them! The outer slides with the rafts were awesome! You go at a pace slow enough to enjoy the turns but fast enough to feel the suspense of not knowing what’s coming next. The middle tunnel was mind-blowing! It was dark, enclosed your thinking this is going to last forever them BAM you hit the pool! SO FUN!  There is also a LAZY RIVER! You heard me, a lazy river. I LOVE this. I floated around for about an hour. The water just takes you around, the waterfalls add a fun refreshing shock as you go under them, wow it was so relaxing!  Kids of all ages also enjoyed the lazy river. Look, That's me on the slide!  I went over and lines either!

Sean McMaster


So, there you have it. These are just three reasons you will want to plan your next vacation here! Stay tuned to more reasons! They are coming!