There's a new movie opening this weekend.  It took a very long time to film and it was shot in and around Saratoga. It's called Aftermath, starring Tony Danza. A clip is included below

This looks like something really interesting to do - go support a movie shot locally.  According to the,  Aftermath is a crime comedy.trhiller written, produced and  shot by a local builder, Tom Farone.  

The lead character is, coincidentally, a builder who impatiently lets an employee go from his job.  Unfortunately it turns out to be the wrong one, and causes some major conflict to say the least.

Here's a clip

The movie will be shown at Bow Tie Cinema on Railroad Place in Saratoga.

What makes this bittersweet is that one of the actors in the film, Chris Penn, unfortunately died in real life in 2006, so I guess this is in partial tribute to him.

Would love to see a review of this from someone who went.  Please let us know.  Good luck to Frank and everyone who worked so hard for so long to get this made!


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