I, Tonya: A Lights Camera Jackson Review [VIDEO]
The holiday blockbuster time is over but thankfully we're starting the first movie weekend in 2018 with some great ones and Lights Camera Jackson will tell us which are worth seeing and which you can skip.
Jumanji Exclusive, a Lights Camera Jackson Report [VIDEO]
There aren't any big movies coming out this weekend but that doesn't mean Jackson hasn't found some exclusive movie news for us. New information on the new Avengers trailer and how you can watch Jumanji before it comes out in theatres!
5 Women Accuse Louis C.K. Of Sexual Misconduct
In his stand-up act, comedian Louis C.K. does a bit centered around having "constant perverted sexual thoughts."  Off stage, the comic is facing not so humorous allegations of sexual misconduct by five seperate women dating back to 2002.

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