Three Teenagers from Saratoga Springs might be spending some of their high school years in prison.

In a press release from the Saratoga Springs Police, 17-year-old Spencer P. Hellwig,  16-year-old William H. Bruder and 17-year-old Jacob J. Hyland were arrested on Friday.

The three teens went out late Thursday night and early Friday morning, April 12 and April 13, and drove around with baseball bats and BB guns. They allegedly broke light fixtures, lamp posts, smashing mail boxes and caused damage to other property in Saratoga Springs, Greenfield and Wilton. Their rampage caused thousands of dollars of damage.

I saw this in a story on WNYT, that if the teens are convicted of the most serious charges of felony criminal mischief, that would send them to jail. I hope these teenagers realized that they may have ruined their lives. Besides jail time, they should also be made to pay for all the damage that they caused.