As I was writing my other article this week about  things that are going out of style quickly (incandescent light bulb one of them), it gave me an idea. Yes,  A light bulb went off in my head.  An old style one, not a CFL!


Sorry, but I'm stuck on this subject.  There are alot of folks that want us to adopt the new bulb into our lifestyle, but others are vehemently opposed.  Like folks who work in the incandescent bulb factories.  According to the Washington it signifies a major loss of American jobs.  Lights out, so to speak!

I know there are alot of folks very upset.  In fact, according to a blog at, in South Carolina, they want to produce their own "classic bulbs" just for their own state so they don't have to succumb to the government's wishes!  Well, for those of you who are on this side of the issue, I wrote you a parody.  I've also included the words below in case you are feeling nostalgic for the old, hot, energy sucking bulbs we've come to know and love!  This is a parody of Trace Adkin's "Every Light In The House Is On". I thought it would be a good fit, for obvious reasons (but you're opinion may vary!).  Anyway, enjoy!