We all know that very soon we'll be replacing the basic light bulb with one of those squiggly ones that will poison the air if you drop it (notice how much I'm advocating THIS move!).  But this is not the only invention that's "over" very soon:


According to  the Star Tribune.com, there are several products that we may never see again.  Some are pretty surprising actually.



First there is powdered detergent.  it might clean clothes, but it doesn't do anything else.  The liquid kind can 'multitask", so the powder is now "out". According to the article, liquid detergent makes up almost 80% of the market.   Interesting- or a least to me!





Aerosol deodorant is probably a little more obvious.  I guess the global warming debate has had an impact on sales (boy, that stinks, huh?  Pun intended!).  Although AXE body spray seems to sell well with the teenage crowd, according to the article.  It's too bad, because I can't stand roll ons.  So I guess eventually, noone will be able to stand being near me!

There are many other products being fazed out.  My question to you is, will you miss them?  Will you comply with the changes, or will you go out and stockpile all of this stuff and say "damn the torpedos"?  I'd love to know!