So the Cliff Lee sweepstakes are over and he is not a Yankee. The longer that huge offer from the Yankees sat on the table the more I had a feeling he wasn’t ready to wear pinstripes. Simple facts are Cliff Lee is a good bordering on great pitcher but he is also getting older and has pitched A LOT of innings. Truth is he’s going to be even better in the national league for a year or three and If he can live with the fact he took less money and years to not take the big stage then that’s on him.

As for everyone that has decided Yankee Stadium should just lock its doors and concede this season I say forgive me if I wait to see what happens this season. I still like our line up to make the post season and if you think this means the Yanks wont go get somebody you’re crazy. I’ve heard the rumors of Zack Grienke’s social anxiety and all that but guess what fixes that MONEY!!! If Zack is the final piece of the puzzle the Steinbrenner’s and Cashman will hire look a likes, guards, babysitters, counselors and giant teddy bears if that’s what it takes. Yankees still have Big CC, Mo, the Captain, Cano, Tex, A-rod, Swish and a long list of talent beyond that. So forgive me if I don’t give up on them just yet.

So a little while after I wrote this I find out that a big factor in Lee's call to go back to Philly could have been the health of his son. Lee's son has Leukemia it is in remission but Philly has one of if not the best hospitals for childhood Leukemia in the country. Lee's son went there last time Cliff was a member of the Phillies. If that's why he went back then MORE POWER TO HIM!!!