Do you know how computers and phones have operating systems with weird names, like Lion Mountain?, Ice Cream Sandwich? Well there's a new one out, and it's a very interesting idea

Well Google's new Android operating system is going to be named- wait for it- KITKAT.  Yes, named after the famous Nestles owned candy bar
Now think about it -that's good marketing right there.  They call that co-branding.  You chew on the candy, it makes you think of your handy Android phone. And when you get on the phone I'm sure they'll be reminders to make a Kit Kat your next snack.
 According to    Analysts think it's genius because it will make Android more familiar .  And from what the article says, Kit Kat is putting the Android logo on their candy bars.
Well, Apple is gonna be busy again counting their money.  The new phones were announced last nite at their "coming out " party and the phone has most of the features that were rumored out there for so many months.
There will be a low cost one in multiple colors, the iPhone 5c with a starting price of $99 with 2 year activation.
 Then there's the 5S, the higher priced model, featuring:
. Very fast processor
. very spiffy phone where you can take bursts of shots, better low light,
. Fingerprint sensor  to get into the phone itself, and also make it easier for you to purchase things on iTunes
  If you'd like the whole "skinny" on the new products and when you can buy them, check out the Apple website.