I know - Tech Talk is reserved for Wednesday on the Sean and Richie Show, but I'm getting very excited for the upcoming iPHone announcement, even though my wife said I can't get it.

It will be announced tomorrow, according to NBC News. com .  10am Pacific Time, to be exact.  Will the following rumors come true?


1.  Two different iPhone 5s phones to be released - one regular priced, and a cheaper model available in multicolors.

2. Screen size - probably the same as the 5.

3. Better camera

4. Fingerprint scanner so you don't have to type in a security code to get into your phone

5. Better battery life


We shall see what we shall see.  Are you going to get one?  Will you go for the cheapie model, or will you go for broke?  Would love to know!  (I know, Dorrie--I can't have one...I know, I know!)      (I'm waiting for the new iPad)