Nine million iPhones. Did you hear that?  Nine million!  Ok, critics - if you'd like to speak, you can open up your mouths and remove your feet.

They did it again, despite the fact that many of the reviews have dissed the new iPhone 5 as "too little, too late." According to the, they sold 9 million phones this past weekend as opposed to 5 million last year for the same three-day span.

Yes, you have to factor in the fact that the new cheap phone (the 5C) is counted in and has been marketed in China. But it still turned out that the more expensive phone did better than the cheaper one.

You can analyze it to death. The fact remains: they are absolute geniuses at marketing. They could take a boulder out of the ground, rename it the iRock and I'd still buy it.

App For New Baby Mamas!

This is pretty cool. If you are straining your brain trying to find a good baby name, this is the app for you:

Apple App Store

It has - wait for it- 50,000 baby names you can choose from. Go on, knock yourself out. I'll talk to you in six months after you're done!

That's Tech Talk for this week!