This was definitely tough duty.  It actually was the hardest thing I've ever done in my experience judging a talent contest.  How do you do it fairly when they ALL have talent?   I'm dead serious here! 

That was the scene at this year's Country Idol Contest at Vapor, hosted by the highly talented CMA winner,  Kevin Richards.  We were asked to judge this contest of over 20 finalists.  There were all different styles represented - traditional, new country, baritones, tenors, ballad singers, rockers, yodelers - the whole "9".   I enjoyed each and every one for different reasons, which made it nearly impossible to pick one person.

photo by Riche Phillips

But here is video of the winner and runner up as recorded with my little camera while standing on stage at the same time.

Kayla Sarro -you are now $5,000 richer.  Brittney Henderson, congrats to you too.  In fact, kudos to every single one of you.  I can definitely speak for Dorrie, Kevin and the other judges when I say we were literally blown away with the talent this year (in fact, EVERY year that we've had this is a testament to the talent in the Capital Region.