Saratoga Salon Warns of Fake National Grid Call Spreading
You think it's easy to pick out a scam. All you have to do is not click on weird links and don't answer numbers you don't recognize. You can do that, but this new scam is doing something completely new and there's a good chance you'll fall for this one.
Say Goodbye to “Doughboys”
If you've ever spent time in Saratoga, you've heard of the Doughboy. It's probably become one of the signature foods of the Capital Region but now, the Doughboy as you know it is going away.
Rare ‘Upside Down’ Rainbow Hangs Over Saratoga (PIC)
If you happened to be looking up into the Saratoga sky yesterday afternoon around 4:40 pm, you may have witnessed a pretty rare occurrence.  A Circumzenithal arc or an 'upside down rainbow' appeared in parts of Saratoga creating the illusion that the sky was smiling down on you.
Saratoga Icon Ends On A High Note
It's a familiar face and sound that has been entertaining us for twenty five years and now he has decided to retire. An icon at the Saratoga Race Course has hung up his hat.

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