In Ohio, Susan Warren is called “The Cleaning Fairy”.  She was arrested in November and given a year of probation for breaking into a home to clean it without permission.  When she left the house, she left an invoice for the homeowner written on a napkin for $75.  In January, “The Cleaning Fairy” was at it again but this time she was caught shoveling driveways without permission.
Homeowners from Brandtson Avenue reported to the Elyria Police that a female was shoveling their driveway without permission.  While charges were not pressed for shoveling the driveway, the police discovered during questioning that the woman was in violation of her probation and had a warrant out through Cuyahoga County Sheriff’s Office.


During the questioning, Susan Warren said it wasn’t unusual for her to go into homes to clean them for the homeowners, and she never had any problems before.