'The Best Little Whorehouse In Texas' is ready to open at the Mac-Haydn Theatre in Chatham, New York August 8-August 18, 2013.

Meet Miss Mona, played by Kathy Halenda.

Why do you think people will enjoy ‘The Best Little Whorehouse In Texas’?
It's got a great score, a heartwarming and humorous story, with some "beefcake" and "cheesecake" to please everyone. It's a foot stompin' romp with some great music, incredible dancing and a little "naughty" thrown in!

Dolly Parton made the character of Miss Mona popular in the movie version, are you a fan of Dolly’s music or career?
I have complete respect for her talent and heart...she is truly a celebrity with a conscience! I don't sing like her or look like her but I do appreciate her tremendous abilities. The Broadway show is a little different from the movie but it's the same basic story with a different ending.

What is your favorite song from the show?
“Bus From Amarillo.” It's a beautiful song with heart.   How, and how long, did you practice for your role in this production?   We started rehearsals July 26. I came straight from two months of Ring of Fire in VA. Because this cast is incredible and I have done the role several times over my 30 year career, it was a pretty easy rehearsal for me. The rest of the cast had to rehearse while performing Les Mis and only had 10 days to learn the show so they worked a lot harder than me. Thank God they're young, energetic and very talented! The tech was pretty rough because of all the lights, music, costumes and set but the staff here is really top-notch and the show looks beautiful! Kudos should really go to our costume designer Jimm Halliday, musical director Josh Smith and our director Thomas Dewayne Barrett.

The title of the show may make some people shy away from attending, describe the show and the appropriate age that should attend?
It is based on the true story of a bordello in Texas and there is some sexual content and strong language because it is, after all, about prostitution and a sheriff who was known for his coarse language but our show is not offensive and I would say it's totally appropriate for kids over the age of 13. My seven-year-old niece loves it! There is some sexy lingerie and slightly suggestive dancing but no nudity or vulgar intention. It really is just a fun story about some very interesting people and I think it will appeal to anyone who enjoys country music and some good 'ol fashion fun!