I'm sure just about everyone will be posting about the awards last night. Usually in a situation like this , I try to be different but it is country after all.  I have to say for the most part I really did enjoy the show.  That is not always the case with me and award shows. You could also argue in this case , last night was more of a performance show with a couple of awards thrown in.  But the performances were great and it kept me entertain throughout the night.

I must say , I did like the performances with artists of different genre' s.  I loved Steven Tyler with Carrie Underwood and I was thrilled they put James Taylor with the Zac Brown Band.  The oddest pairing of course, was Jennifer Nettles of Sugarland with Rhianna.  Although I didn't actually love the song, you have to admit they sang their butts off.  It just goes to show you , music is music, and good entertainers can do just about anything.

What I didn't really like were all the non country music presenters.  Maybe its just me, but I didn't quite understand why we needed Celine Dion, Robert Pattinson, and the girls from entertainment tonight? I guess you could argue for Celine because it is Vegas, and that is her entertainment stomping ground.  I guess what I'm saying is , it should have been one or the other, with both mixed performances and all the non country presenters it almost seemed like someone thought we needed to branch out to get more people interested or something.  Or that they had to "cool" it up a bit.

As far as the awards themselves  go, I disagreed with a couple of them for sure.   I thought that the Zac Brown Band should have gotten "ALbom of the Year", and while some people may hate me for it, I was just downright disappointed when Taylor Swift won "Entertainer of the Year". Literally , Disappointed. I think she is a great artist and certainly a great songwriter. I just don't know that in this last year she actually did that much , or had as much of a presence as she did in the year past.  SO I guess you can say that Taylor is that much better than Brad, Miranda, Keith, and the rest that she can mail it in , and still win the big one?  Just bothered me.

These are just my opinions of course, I'm sure you have your own. And I'm sure you will voice them. Overall though, I'd have to say it was a good night for Country Music and I look forward to another exciting year in the business.

God Bless.