I love playing the keyboard, don't get me wrong.  But I guess the grass is always greener on the other side of the music store.   I really want  to buy an acoustic guitar and learn it the right way.  Actually, I want a master like James Taylor to teach me.  Well, I can, and you can too, thanks to technology!

Who doesn't know music icon James Taylor? "Sweet Baby James", "You've Got A Friend", "Whenever I See Your Smiling Face", "Carolina In My Mind".  He wrote, sang and played on every recording of course.  An icon from the 'singer-songwriter era".

Well it looks like James has generously given his time to put up some free online acoustic guitar lessons. You actually can learn how to play part of "Carolina in my Mind", which is VERY "country" by the way.

Check this out.

There are several of his songs on his website, JamesTaylor.com


Now see?  Here's a musician who gets it.  Instead of complaining and trying to control how people use his "intellectual property" on the internet, and not automatically wanting to sue everybody for "using his material without strict authorization",  he's actually SHARING his song with the world and actually SHOWING PEOPLE HOW TO PLAY IT AT HOME!  

That's fantastic. Kudos! That's SWEET, Baby James!  (You might have to be a child of the '60s to get that)

But hell, think of it.  No matter what the age, now you can make learning the guitar part of your New Year's Resolution! (you just need a guitar and an iPhone or iPad or laptop!)