Debbie’s not here to give the web watch links, so I thought I’d post a few websites to keep you busy when you’re wondering what to do with your time at work.  There’s some news about Taylor Swift’s latest love, rotten Twinkies for sale on eBay and a pretty impressive musical performance created with beer bottles:


Taylor Swift has a new love in her life!  It’s not Harry Styles, Conor Kennedy or Joe Jonas… or any of the other guys I can’t keep up with.  Taylor is the new face for Diet Coke and she shares a video message with her fans to tell you all about what it means now that she has partnered with one of the loves of her life.


How much would you pay for a rotten Twinkie?  It’s been rumored the snack never goes bad, but apparently not true since there is currently a moldy, rotten Twinkie for sale on eBay.  Last time I checked, the bidding was up to $46.


You know the song “Call Me Maybe?”  It’s not country but pretty much everyone has heard it or parodies of it at some point.  I found a video of guys from Denmark who recreate the song with beer bottles – it might be better than the original.


What did everyone do at work before there was internet?