There have been some amazing bankruptcy proceedings this year.  Iconic American companies going "belly up".  Friendly's Restaurants, then Kodak, and now this?  Now Hostess Corp. is filing bankruptcy too!

Just look at that picture!  Doesn't this make you drool?  This is everyone's childhood wrapped up in a nice little package!  Tell me it isn't true!!  According to, it's definitely true.

Bad news for Twinkies lovers: Hostess filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection today. But never fear, the company will continue operating during bankruptcy proceedings with help from a $75 million loan.

Pheww!  I didn't read the whole thing, I guess.  It looks like they may get a loan to keep going.  You do forget that Chapter 11 really means that they are reorganizing, so our favorite little cream filled cake might still live on, but seriously- what is going on out there?  Can you imagine a life with no ice cream?  no twinkles?  no Easy Share cameras?

And you should see what they're predicting for 2012!  According to Top Stock , it's possible that Sony Corp., Sears, even Kellogg's Corn Pops might be in jeopardy!


Wow, I'm getting depressed just thinking about it.  Why did I bring this up?  Now I want some nice junk food to make me feel better - LIKE A TWINKIE PERHAPS!  What's your feeling on this?  How can we make American companies more competitive again?  This is serious!