Oh the world wide web, where will you lead us next?  Here's what we have for the Digital Debbie Web Watch for today:

Remember the big announcement from Facebook about the new search capabilities?  Tumblr.com has used the graphical search feature to find out some interesting – and funny – stuff.  For example, using the new search, they came up with a list of “Single Women who Live Nearby and Who are Interested in Men and Like Getting Drunk.”  Just imagine what you could find out about your friends with some creative searching.  There are a number of other interesting searches you can view on TheFW.com.


You might think you hate your job, but GuySpeed.com compiled a list of jobs that are worse – and then they also gave a few jobs that are way better than whatever you do, too.  Included in the worst jobs?  Sewer Inspector, Porn Theater Cleaner and Crime Scene Cleaners.  On the list of jobs that are better than yours are Island Care Taker (about $100,000 salary for 6 months work), chocolate consultant, and for men? Condom testers.


Jake Thomas wrote an article on the GNA blog about Ronald Piper, an 8th grader from Taconic Hills Middle School.   The entire letter is reprinted on our blog and is definitely worth a read – he has an opportunity to travel to Ireland, England, Scotland, Wales through a Student Ambassador program.   So he’s working on raising the money to pay his way through recycling cans, mowing lawns and he’s hosting a pancake breakfast on March 13th from 8am to Noon at the Copake Memorial Park Building on Mountain View Road in Copake.



Today's Seizethedeal:

Most of the deals were about food today – one of the best deals is pay $20 for $40 worth of food at 5th & 50 Pizzeria in Scotia and find the best pizza, pasta, and sandwiches around!