Anti-Engagement Rings: Yeah or Nah?
Some women are starting to wear a pinky ring with a reason behind it.
Fred + Far, a jeweler in LA, is selling what they call “anti-engagement rings.”
It's apparently supposed to remind women to take time to focus on themselves. She says that women should schedule …
Men Read Real Mean Tweets to Female Sports Reporters [Watch]
Women in general get harassed all the time, just for being female.  Women in all male dominated industries get treated unfairly on a daily basis.  But, women in sports get harassed online almost non-stop.
It's really hard to explain to a guy who has lived his whole life just kind of co…
Are Men Hotter When They Are Holding Dead Fish?
A new study suggests that men do better in the online dating world when they are holding up a fish that they have caught!  Can you imagine?
So we asked our listeners this morning, what is it in a person's photo that makes them more attractive...
Who Does the Most Housework at Your House?
A new poll found 56% of fathers say they split household chores and responsibilities equally with their wives.  Which is great!  Except it might not be true.  Because 50% of mothers disagree, and say they definitely do more.  Sooooo, what is really going on...
How Much Would You Pay for the Female Orgasm Mushroom?
Scientists have discovered an orange mushroom in Hawaii that can induce instantaneous orgasms in women just from the odor it gives off.
Yes, that's right... you just have to take a deep breath in and out and bam!!!!!
This orgasm triggered by fungus, or, as some people call it "fungasm," is d…
Funny Girls Aren’t Hot, According to a New Study
Chicks totally love a funny guy, we know that!  But now, science has proven it!
According to the University of Kansas, the funnier the guy, the more likely he'll end up in a physical relationship with a woman.
Here's the catch... according to that study, when women are funny, it didn&ap…
Which One of the Golden Girls Got the Most Action?
Some brilliant, probably really bored people at a website called Refinery29.com went through every "Golden Girls" episode to determine who got the most ACTION.  Yeah, that's right... sex!
They counted every sexual encounter, date, and mention of a current or form…

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