10 Body Parts Women Hate and 5 They Kinda Like
Do you ever see a woman walking down the street, or shopping at the mall or sun bathing and think to your self, "She's so perfect, I'll bet she can wear whatever she wants."
Oh, come on, I know I'm not the only one who thinks that!
It turns out that all women have tons…
Here Are the 2 Kinds of Lingerie Men Think Are the Most Attractive
Do you ever wonder what kind of underwear your man would prefer to see you in?  There is a lot of talk about granny panties versus thongs these days.  But which is really the sexiest?
Well, thankfully science has gotten behind this dilemma and now we have a definitive answer to the age old …
Most Men Name Their Junk – Here’s What They Name It
Apparently if your guy doesn't have a nickname for his junk, he's one of the only ones who don't!
According to a new survey, 73% of men have given it a nickname, and I am not too great at math, but I think that means only about one in four guys haven't given it a name...
Men Answer Relationship Questions [VIDEO]
Sure ladies, sometimes we want to know what is going on in a man's head or WE THINK we know what's going on up there... but we are probably VERY wrong.
Why are men afraid of commitment? What's the right age to get married? When do you want to have kids...
It’s Time For Sassy Country Girls to Shine [Watch]
Abi Ann is a saucy indie country-pop artist from Midland, Texas who some people are calling the next Taylor Swift!
She's also an actress and has appeared in several movies and TV shows.  The song that really brought her to my attention is Future Ex-Boyfriend...
How Often Do You Shower?
This morning we talked about this stinky subject on the show, and we posted it on our Facebook page too. And, despite the stats that I'm about to share with you, our overwhelming response to the question "How often do you shower?" was a resounding "daily...
Preferred Female Body Types Throughout History [Watch]
With all the talk this week about Tess Munster, the size 22 woman who just snagged a huge modeling gig and all the headlines when she became the "largest women ever to be signed to a major label",
Post by Tess Munster-Plus Model.
I started thinking about the female body...
Men Spend 56 Minutes Every Day In Front of a Mirror!
According to a new survey, the average guy spends 56 minutes every day looking at himself in the mirror!  Really guys?  Come on!  The average woman only spends 43-and-a-half minutes every day looking at herself!
I didn't believe it until I saw how it breaks down...

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