How Heavy Is Too Heavy for Kids’ Backpacks?
With back-to-school coming up faster than many would like, it's pretty much top of mind of everyone right now. All of those school supplies, plus all of the books, are kids backpacks getting too heavy?
Shocking Post-Baby Body Sparks Controversy
I feel inclined to address this, but I'm still not sure how I feel about it.  Maybe writing about it will help clear my thoughts.
Rencently, Berg Eriksen, a fitness guru and wife of a Norwegian soccer player posted this picture just 3 days after giving birth...
Losing Weight Is A Gamble-LITERALLY!
I'm sure you've seen or heard every conceivable weight loss program advertised.  And I'm sure they all work if you stick to them, but people "stray" pretty easily.  But what if there were a little wagering involved?  Interesting concept, huh?