TLC’s ‘My Husband’s Not Gay’ Sparks Controversy
TLC's planning a one-hour special called "My Husband's Not Gay" that has caused a ruckus before it even hits the airwaves.
The show spotlights a group of married Mormon men who are attracted to other men but don't identify as gay.  It has caused outrage from…
Oprah’s Favorite Things 2014
I didn't even know she was still doing this!  But I'm excited!  I used to love to watch her show, and especially when she would give away all of her favorite things to her whole audience!  People would faint!  So perfect!
This year's list includes -
"What I …
TV’s Greatest Catchphrases [Watch]
There are so many great catchphrases from television history, you could possibly be saying one all the time, and not even know that it came from a TV show!
Finally someone took the time to throw together some of our favorites -
Are your favorites in this video...
Another Great “Wheel Of Fortune” FAIL [VIDEO]
I'm sure you remember the video that went around a couple of weeks ago featuring a man blowing his chance at a million dollars on "Wheel of Fortune" by making terrible guesses on almost completely solved puzzles, well last night we got another great fail on the show.

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