TV Shows That Turn Women On and Off Like a Remote
This morning we talked about a recent survey that determined which TV shows, when watched right before bed time, turned women on.
Orange is the New Black won the survey - turning on more than a 3rd of women in the poll.  How I Met Your Mother came in second and Friends was third...
TV in the Bedroom, Or Not?
We have and old house, and the only air conditioning is a window unit in our bedroom window.  Given the recent heat wave, I've taken to hanging out in my bedroom a lot more.  And, frankly I want to watch TV!
Here's the trouble... Bub and I have been married for 10 years now and we…
Hallmark Strikes Again
In December, Sean, Richie and I all had a moment bonding over binge watching Hallmark movies.  Turned out we were not alone!
My parents were doing it, my sister and her husband were doing it, and once we brought it up on the air, tons of listeners called in to tell us that they were addicted, to…
Dawson’s Creek Alert: Joey Almost Picked Dawson, Not Pacey
At a television conference over the weekend, the pair of guys responsible for the amazing teen drama, Dawson's Creek revealed that Joey almost ended up with Dawson!  I'm sorry, what!?!
From what I understand, right up until the finale, Joey was going to end up in the arms of Dawson...
How Much Would Famous TV Houses Cost in Real Life? has put together a list of what some fictional TV houses would be worth in REAL life.  They only looked at the houses that were used for the show's EXTERIOR shots, since most of the interiors were shot in studios.
Here are a few highlights:

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