I'll admit, I watch a lot of crime related television shows. There probably isn't an episode of Forensic Files that I haven't seen. Cops is another (and probably one of the only reality shows I watch.) Law & Order: SVU has always  been a fave and mystery type stuff, the show that have you on the edge of your seat are a must. Bates Motel, for me, is in that category.

There was something about it that was just intriguing when it first started that I couldn't look away. The storyline of watching "Norman Bates" as a teenager, who we all know grows up to be a psychopathic, split personaltied serial killer grow up and becoming more and more aware of his "issues," absolutely fascinating.

The original, Psycho was based on a novel by Robert Bloch, with the character of Norman being based on real-life serial murderer Ed Gein. I think that's what makes this series even more awe inspiring, that there are people truly like this.

As Bates Motel wraps up its 4th season tonight, each episode more intense than the last, we were left with Norman shutting him and his mother, Norma into her bedroom as she slept. He had closed all the vents throughout the house, except those in the room and lit the wood burning stove in the basement causing the two of them to, potentially die of carbon monoxide poisoning. The short of the long is that Norma's boyfriend, whom she had been fighting with comes to the house and finds them as his fears have become more and more evident with Normans stability. He drags them both from the room, opening windows and allowing oxygen back in and performs CPR on a lifeless Norma. Norman, of course, comes to in the final seconds of the episode.

So, what happens to Norma? Is this what does her in? Is this what caused her death and led to how we see "Mother" in Psycho, the movie? Or is this just the first of many death attempts?

I can't tell you how excited I actually am to watch tonight season finale. Each episode this season has been better than the last and this one is going to be monstrous. Tomorrow watch out for my reaction post because it'll be a good one!