My Favorite Thanksgiving Recipe – What’s Yours?
This year I am hosting Thanksgiving and I am excited to have the family over. It's nice because we all contribute to the big meal. This year I am making a side that has been at our Thanksgiving table for years. What's your favorite Thanksgiving recipe?
What Are You Going to do With Those Apples You Picked?
It's an honest question - what ARE you going to do with all of those apples?
It's definitely a good time hitting the orchards and finding just the perfect one to pluck from the trees. Putting them into your bag and finding the next and then the next. By the time you get home you're overwhelmed and wo…
Eating Cicadas
Are you ready for the arrival of the cicadas? We've seen several articles preparing us for the 'invasion' of the harmless, but annoying creatures, but the most interesting posts are the recipes going around for the edible bugs.
Recipe: Meatballs
Hey … it's Debbie.  I thought I would hijack Jeff’s blog while he’s off prank calling his ex's and throwing snow balls at coworkers.  I thought I'd use his space to share my meatballs...don’t tell him and ruin the fun.&n…

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