Delicious Candy Corn Shot Recipe [VIDEO]
Halloween parties are right around the corner and here is a simple recipe that will surely make your party a hit. The best part? The shots look like candy corn, but don't taste like them.
Local School On National List of Party Schools [LIST]
Every year Princeton Review comes out with the list of the top party schools in the country and every year I look for two things: New York University (my alma mater) and anything local. This year, I was not disappointed.
Is My Friend A “Mooch” Or Just Clueless? – Daily Dilemma
Here is Today's Daily Dilemma:
My sister and I have a friend who has recently moved to town. She was always invited to do stuff with us until we started to notice a pattern. She's a mooch! When anyone gets invited for dinner normally people bring a bottle of wine, an appetizer, something...
Tailgating In Style! The Ultimate Event Experience
Today at the station, The Armada Group, a company out of Saratoga, is setting up their executive tailgating experience right in out parking lot! I can't tell you how cool these trailers are or how bad I want to use one for an event. I think you will totally agree.