jake thomas

Bitter Sweet Day At WGNA
Today I sit in the chair of a great friend and boss. By now you know Jake has moved on from WGNA but it will be a VERY long time before a lot of us here forget what a great guy he was to work for.
Capital OTB Brings Saratoga to Albany
I don't know about you , but I am excited for opening day at Saratoga! I love that track and it really is a fun track to bet. The thing is you can't always get to the track and thats where Capital O.T.B. comes in. We were lucky enough to have the president John Signore come in on the …
St Patrick’s Day Bar Crowd [VIDEO]
Jake Thomas is out and about in his "neck of the woods" today doing a bar crawl and you're more than welcome to join him. Judging by the video plenty of folks already have done so! Do you have any plans today? Live in the north country or planning on being there shortly? Check in with Jake…

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