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Country Music 2013: Trucks, Girls, Beer, Moonlight?
Was 2013 a good year for country music?  Of course!  Right?  Or not?  One of our listeners pointed me in the direction of this video that took the best songs of 2013 at their face value, and I had to giggle, because when you put them all together, it does seem a little silly...
Jake Owen Shows Off ‘New’ Hairstyle
Jake Owen is known for his lush head of dark hair. He's one of the best coiffed dudes in country music and music in general, as his throng of female fans well know. But Owen has changed things up and is sporting a "new" hairstyle.
Jake Owen Impersonates Luke Bryan [VIDEO]
They're buddies in real-life, so I was expecting a twerk-like movement and some shimmying from Jake Owen when I heard there was a video of him impersonating Luke Bryan, but, it's not!  He actually sounds just like Luke Bryan!
Maybe we can ask Jake to do his impression LIVE at the Secre…

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