Last week I showed you a video of Jake Owen's beautiful little daughter dancing on stage to his music in Daytona this year. That night was so much fun, to see Jake relaxed, doing an acoustic show with mostly friends and family watching, was a great experience. The great thing is we ALL get to see him this Saturday at Countryfest 2014!

Now, one of the things I like about Jake is he is very eclectic when it comes to his musical tastes and influences. He can stop a concert and change mid-stream because he just remembered a tune he used to listen to as a kid, or maybe one that fits that particular moment and he will start playing it. If you are lucky, you may hear him do "Neon Moon" by Brooks and Dunn, or maybe "Babylon" by David Gray and still other times it may be The Beastie Boys, or this one from Vanilla Ice.

This is not the only video on the Internet that you can find of Jake doing "Ice, Ice Baby" but it is the only one that has him totally freestyling the second verse and making it about the big race that was happening the next day.

Check it out: