heat wave

OK Give Me Your Best Line: Today In Saratoga It Will Be So Hot..
As I was going through my news feed this morning one of my friends posted this line. I immediately started to post my suggestions. They are not all winners but not everybody is when we are talking about the track!
So think about Saratoga and all it has to offer and about all the people braving the he…
5 Unique Tricks To Keep Cool This Summer!
It is HOT! We are having an incredible heat wave here in upstate New York and it isn't going to get much better for a while. So, you must find ways to stay cool. Whether it's stay inside, get to a pool, cold showers etc. you really do have to keep yourself from overheating.
It’s Hot, We Know – Introducting Our New Weather Page
We're happy to introduce our new weather page where you can view current conditions, see the five-day forecast, and explore the interactive weather map. You can use it for the latest updates, to plan for the rest of the week, or just to find out what's going on in the region.