Gun Show Cancelled
A gun show that was scheduled in the same building as high school basketball, has been cancelled. Organizers just didn't think it was the right place in the wake of the recent tragedy.
The Star Spangled Banner Played With a Gun [VIDEO]
The "Star Spangled Banner" isn't an easy song to sing and a lot of people have had a hard time with it including Aaron Lewis, who sang it before Game 5 of the World Series 2014.
While most people have a hard time remembering the words, this guy had no trouble remembering w…
Gunman Fires At U.S. Courthouse In Wheeling, Va.
There are reports of a man fired 15 to 20 shots at a federal courthouse in Wheeling, West Virginia.
In story from News 10 ABC, security officers fired back at the man and wounded him. Officials are still investigating what happened and why the man shot at the building.
Texas Invites New Yorkers to Move there to Avoid Gun Laws
Are you unhappy with the new gun controls passed in New York State? Texas wants you to move there and is advertising that exact thing online. You may start seeing online ads inviting you to move to Texas where they have more relaxed laws.
Glens Falls Man Arrested After Wife’s Suicide
Sometimes you read a story and just say to yourself, "He did what?." Just sheer disbelief sets in and you have to read it again just to assure yourself that it actually happened. This story is one of those and it is sad and tragic.

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