Elderly Niskayuna Woman Robbed During Funeral
Imagine attending a funeral of a loved one only to return to that person's house to find it had been broken into and robbed.  An elderly Niskayuna woman, who recently passed away, had her house violated by despicable thieves who walked into her home during broad daylight stealing valuables…
More Albany Area Identities Stolen
A few days ago, I had an article about Suzette Guzman-Moore and Emmitt Woods, the couple accused of stealing the social security numbers of local people, including many deceased people, so they could open up accounts for credit cards.
Her Step Children Took Her Husband’s Ashes – Daily Dilemma
Here is Today's Daily Dilemma:
Here's a stumper. My sister married a man w/3 children 30 years ago. They lived in a little town in Vermont. He died last September and was cremated. My sister went to AZ for a month to visit her son and the first weekend she was gone, the children of her husband went t…