A few days ago, I had an article about Suzette Guzman-Moore and Emmitt Woods, the couple accused of stealing the social security numbers of local people, including many deceased people, so they could open up accounts for credit cards.

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Much of the information was allegedly stolen from Albany Medical Center, where Guzman-Moore was a nurse.

The case is continuing, and now the list of victims is growing. This time, the investigation led to an employee from Garland Brothers Funeral Home in Albany - a very reputable and trusted funeral home.

In the story from News 10 ABC, Albany County Sheriff Craig Apple believes that there could be thousands more potential victims. The funeral home employee has been questioned about Emmitt Woods, one of the people who was arrested when this case started. The questioning dealt with the relationship between the employee and Woods.

During the investigation, police and investigators noticed that there were credit card applications and various pieces of paperwork that were found during a search of a home and traced back to deceased people who all had funerals at the Garland Brother Funeral Home.

When Benjamin Garland, the funeral home owner, found out what happened, he was shocked, and is also conducting his own investigation, along with cooperating with authorities.

The Albany County Sheriff’s Department wants the public’s help. They would like to know if there are any other victims, to get in touch with them. Their phone number is 518-487-5400.