Help! My Dog is Fat
We adopted Tika from the Mohawk Hudson Humane Society about a year ago.  She's a puggle and when we brought her home she was about 10 pounds overweight... Which at 31 pounds was quite a bit!
We put her on a normal diet, not too strict, but no extras...
Kirstie Alley’s New Jenny Craig Ad is Upsetting Chubby People
Kirstie Alley is back as a spokesperson for Jenny Craig, and she has a new ad out, where she says she's not, quote, "circus fat" she just wants to lose 20 pounds. (Or 30)
Some people think she's mocking fat people.
Kirstie doesn't seem too bothered by it, but on the To…
Porky Princess: Should Disney Create a Plus-Size Princess?
JEWEL MOORE, a high-school junior from Farmville, Virginia, started a petition on Change.org to get Disney to make a movie about a Plus-Sized Princess.
Jewel is plus-size herself, beautiful, and wise beyond her years.  Her petition states, quote, "Studies show that a child&apo…
At What Size Are You the Happiest?
Even though all the magazines feature super skinny models with their size 2 clothing hanging off of them...
A new survey found that the women who are HAPPIEST and the most comfortable in their bodies are women who are actually a SIZE 12.
74% of size 12 women are happy with how they look...
“Bad” Foods That ARE Good For You
Like many pre-conceived notions, you are told to avoid something, such as a particular food, because it is bad for you.  However, we are slowly learning, and I emphasize "slowly," that many things aren't bad for you in small doses.