I love leggings. We wake up so early in the morning for the show, then sit at our desks to prep for the next day or write blogs like these, I don't want to wear tight jeans if I don't have to. I try to look for the best and I just keep seeing this name everywhere!

It seems no matter when I go on Facebook, another one of my friends joined a LuLaRoe Facebook group. They're showing up in silent auctions at functions I'm going to reaching crazy amounts of money, friends are reaching out hoping I buy from them but I don't get it. Sure, some leggings are less see-through and some last longer but what is it about these leggings that are driving women crazy?!

Steve Frost, ThinkStock

A friend of mine had some and I felt them (they're impossibly smooth), the quality seems great, and they have some pretty cool patterns. In order to get a pattern you want you have to call dibs on them online before everyone else at a certain time or go to a function and get them. I can't just go on their website and order a pair which is mind-boggling to me. From my understanding, I guess getting a black pair is like finding the lost city of Atlantis.

I have some really great brands of leggings (Old Navy, Fabletics, etc) but what am I missing with LuLaRoe? I feel like it's so much work just to get clothes. I have to make an appointment in my calendar? I have to beat out someone whose internet connection may be faster? There has to be something I'm missing here that makes these leggings THAT amazing, what is it?