Reasons Why Your Pre-Vacation Diet Is Failing
My vacation is less than 2 weeks away and I'm so excited!  But, like a lot of people, I do want to trim down just a tad before we go, cause, you know, bathing suits and stuff.
Of all the people who go on a pre-vacay slim-down plan, only 23% say they actually succeeded...
How Do Movie Stars Lose All That Weight For Roles? [Watch]
Sometimes I watch TV or a movie and I think (as I pound my Ben & Jerry's) "Damn, I wish I was just hot like Beyonce... she doesn't even need to try. She's just perfect."
Well, apparently it's not as easy as I thought. They're all pretty hungry all th…
Burn More Calories in Bed – Use This Soundtrack [Listen]
I have so many questions about this!
A British drugstore chain just released a 23-minute music track designed to help you make sex into EXERCISE.
They say, if you pace yourself to the music, you'll burn calories like you would in an interval training workout ...
Shake Weight – I Got One For My Birthday
No, it was not someone's idea of a bad joke. I actually told my girlfriend I wanted a Shake Weight. I have been dropping a few pounds and wanted something to help me burn a few extra calories when I am around the house.