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Preferred Female Body Types Throughout History [Watch]
With all the talk this week about Tess Munster, the size 22 woman who just snagged a huge modeling gig and all the headlines when she became the "largest women ever to be signed to a major label",
Post by Tess Munster-Plus Model.
I started thinking about the female body...
The ‘Human Barbie’ Woman’s Racist Comments
Have you seen this woman? She's absolutely nuts. Like she should be committed.
Valeria Lukyanova has spent thousands of dollars to try to transform herself to look like a spitting image of a real-life Barbie doll.  Which, in itself is crazy, but on top of that, she sits down with repor…
Porky Princess: Should Disney Create a Plus-Size Princess?
JEWEL MOORE, a high-school junior from Farmville, Virginia, started a petition on to get Disney to make a movie about a Plus-Sized Princess.
Jewel is plus-size herself, beautiful, and wise beyond her years.  Her petition states, quote, "Studies show that a child&apo…
You Are More Beautiful Than You Think
I watched this video this morning and it made me think a lot.
How would you describe yourself to a sketch artist?  How would your best friend descibe you?  What about a perfect stranger?
It really makes you wonder, doesn't it.  We are too hard on ourselves...