A Mindboggling Experience At the Saratoga County DMV
It happens to the best of us - sometimes when you least expect it.  Your license needs renewing.  It's a task I, like so many of you despise.   I had to go there because I needed to take an eye test, so up the Northway I went to the Clifton Park DMV.  I even brought my stres…
What First Car Should Your Teenager Buy?
You're not going to like what I have to say here.  You're either going to call me an elitist, or impractical, or both.  But I just read an article recommending "first cars" for teenagers.  Are they kidding me here?
I Miss My Minivan So Much [AUDIO]
Everyone used to pick on me for having one.  The trusty Dodge Caravan.  The Lee Iacocca mobile as they used to call it.  After having 3 of them in my life, I finally unloaded the last one  a few years ago for a more "stylish" SUV.  What an idiot!