Today's word is MORON.  I apologize in advance for the word. Not a particularly nice word to use, but it fits so perfectly.  Let me "splain", Lucy .I was traveling yesterday afternoon in Colonie, NY, minding my own darn business.  I was turning west onto Central Avenue and this......well......MOOOORROOOON comes FLYING out of a parking lot across the road and into my FREEEKING lane.  I drew a detailed diagram......

It came within inches. So close that I could see his I saw his "you-know-what-" eating grin through the windshield!   Did I mention it came within INCHES???????

It's just amazing how fast something like this can happen, and there's nothing you can do about it when it's not your fault.

So, Mr. MORON, this blog's for you.  No clever ending for this.   Just glad to be here to  write this blog this morning.   But I'll tell ya one thing--I'm very glad I wasn't texting or looking at the coffee cup like I have been guilty of doing from time to time.

Be vigiliant, people.   It's a code red........MORON ON THE LOOSE.