Everyone used to pick on me for having one.  The trusty Dodge Caravan.  The Lee Iacocca mobile as they used to call it.  After having 3 of them in my life, I finally unloaded the last one  a few years ago for a more "stylish" SUV.  What an idiot! Just like the Governator said - "They're Baaack".  Or at least the auto makers are trying with a vengence.  There's fierce competition amongst the major brands to get market share back for these handy vehicles.  According to USA Today.com  , they had  a shoot-out of sorts:

To evaluate the high-end, high-profit vans that make the small market worthwhile, USA TODAY, Cars.com and the MotorWeek TV show convened the Ultimate Minivan Shootout, a comparison test among well-equipped vans priced from about $34,000 to $43,000, without shipping charges.

Although pricy, they picked the Honda Odyssey as the best.  You can read the report above if you are in the market.

Sorry.  I wouldn't pay $40,000 - no way, Jose!   I liked my old one.  It was a "dealer car".  We got it for $16,000.  Boy, those were the days.  I remember the day I got rid of it like it was yesterday!  

What what YOUR favorite car, truck or van?  Would love to know (unless it's too painful to talk about!).  Leave your comments below!