Wednesday night, were the CMT Awards in Nashville.  Taylor Swift brought home, what's been deemed the biggest award of the night -- video of the year for her song, "Mine." While, Swift has numerous fans, I wasn't sure at first if this video was worthy of winning top honors.

The awards, of course, are fan-voted.  Swift tends to have a huge fan base because of her teenage-aimed topics in her music.  However, this has caused much speculation, especially when it comes to what genre her music should be classified as -- country or pop?

I like most of Swift's music.  I sometimes find that her songs are repeating themselves with the same thing over and over again with the exception of a few.  I really like her more recent single, "Mean" and definitely would have agreed with that song winning something last night.

I had never seen the video for "Mine," but decided to check it out to see what the big deal was.  I have to say, it actually was pretty good!  What do you think?  Did "Mine" deserve its award last night?  Here's the "video of the year" from the CMT awards last night in case, you too, haven't see it before: